Friday, December 24, 2010

The Christmas Duck

Merry Christmas, guys!

Hope your day is going splendidly. Mine is, because Gordo got me a NEW CHRISTMAS DUCK on Monday and he is the best. To be fair, I wrote this yesterday (oooo transcending space/time continuums) so I have no other presents to compare it to/gush about.

I sense your confusion about the Christmas duck.

The Christmas Duck is an amazing(ly ridiculous) family tradition.

The Christmas duck originated when I was very clumsy and dropped a glass nativity scene ornament when I tried to put it on the Christmas tree. Understandably ~distraught~ because I thought I'd broken a really expensive ornament, I salvaged the main section because essentially, the stable had shattered away from the nativity and it was still kind of fine. I thought I'd just put it on the mantle where it still looked nice, and Dad came downstairs a while later and was like "... Why do we have a duck ornament?".
Why indeed.
The new Christmas duck, however, is amazing and useful and CUTE. Its a tiny tea infuser that Gordo got me for Christmas (with a doctor-warning that with my iron levels, he shouldn't have bought it. Thanks buddy). LOOKY, ITS ADORABLE.

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