Monday, September 27, 2010

Gordo's Fish

It almost pains me to post this recipe, because as much as I love Gordo (so named for his resemblance to this guy right here - Lizzie McGuire, anyone?), he seems to hate my cooking. Except for these cupcakes. I know the first time, it was because I made him stir-fry for me to eat at 5pm, so by the time he'd finished an exam at 6pm and walked across campus to the theatre, it is completely understandable that the rice was dry and that is not a reflection on my cooking. Everything else though, I have no idea :P

So during our weekly shopping trip, this is how he suggested I cook my fish next time. Which was about half an hour ago. And then I ate it and forgot to take a photo. Oops.


Serves one

1 fish fillet - I don't even, how much are you meant to eat? I just asked for one and the lady gave it to me.
Half a lemon
One potato

1. Make three or so slits into the fish on each side

2. Rub each side with lemon juice and season with salt and pepper

3. Cut up the potato into chips and put them in the oven

4. Prepare the vegetables how you wish. I'm lazy and used frozen ones.

5. Fry the fish

6. Put everything on a plate.


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