Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moon Toasties

These are named after one of my favourite late-night eateries (their chips, you don't understand, they are divine), it's pretty much a direct rip-off of their cheese toasties but with added mushrooms for deliciousness. I was planning to make Spanakopita, but forgot to buy spinach and couldn't be bothered going out again after I'd already done my grocery shopping. This is a perfect lazy evening meal.

Serves 1
Total time commitment: 10 minutes

2 slices of bread
Handful of feta
3-4 mushrooms, chopped roughly
Cheese to taste
Wholegrain mustard

1. Preheat grill at 150C. Heat olive oil in a pan and cook mushrooms until tender. Meanwhile, toast bread.

2. Spread toast with wholegrain mustard (is that sentence even grammatically correct?) and top with crumbled feta, mushrooms and grated cheese.

3. Grill until cheese is melted. Eat. Wonder why you ever cook anything else.

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