Sunday, October 17, 2010

Epic Cake

There are no words to describe how awesome this cake is. Miss Italia linked me to it on Facebook and then we decided to have a SKYPEBAKE session and both make it. Needless to say, hers turned out looking a lot fancier than mine (I had no piping bag but even still, I have less decorating skill than she does!), but it is still delicious. The combination was put together by vaguemotives on the bakebakebake livejournal, with chocolate mocha cake, chocolate buttercream icing and salted caramel frosting.

I also managed, at the time, to ruin a batch of pizza dough with my terrible multiplication skills (three cups of flour is not three times the recipe, Emily), somewhat successfully replicate Herbies original recipe garlic bread and make two pizzas with store-bought bases because it was getting late and I was trying to do too many things at once! That was made most evident when I took photos of the cake with no flash and I've had to spend the last half hour editing them to look presentable :P

I'm not going to type out the entire recipe for you (which I know is somewhat going against the point of the blog, but its really long!), however here are some tips:

- We started with the salted caramel frosting, as it has to sit for 25 minutes or so to cool, and then put it in the fridge to set for piping ease (for Miss Italia, for me it was more smooshing ease)

- I baked the cake in two batches, rather than cutting it in half, and it worked beautifully. So if you have the time, do that, although bear in mind that my Skype froze after two hours and 40 minutes and we weren't done :P

- As recommended in the original post, if you double everything in the salted caramel recipe except the butter, thats good.


From top: My finished cake, Miss Italia's finished cake, and a grainy-indie-wanker-shot of a slice of cake (which wouldn't be so bad except that there was the whole flash issue... anyway, now I know how to edit on iPhoto)


radbiscuits said...

My caramel buttercream was actually really hard and crumbly when I took it out of the fridge so I had to let it sit for ages and moosh it about before I could pipe it (using baking paper whoop whoop).

Also my lack of beating equipment meant eggwhites which refused to get fluffy for the chocolate buttercream so I got frustrated and just chucked them in as a sort of foamy liquid and then splashed in some espresso and rum at whim. It turned out quite hard, and I had to heat it up in the microwave to spread it. :P Delicious, but hard.

Yay information.

sj26 said...

I heartily endorse this delicious wonder and can vouch, first hand, for it's edibility.