Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Etsy Finds: Drink Up!

Goodness, has it been that long already? Sorry to have left you in the lurch for a week, dear readers! However, as anticipated, I ended up living on leftover pasta and noodles for the entire week so I haven't really done anything noteworthy in the kitchen. Actually, last night I made some spiffin' good pasta with EnviroGirl but we were too terrified by Criminal Minds (Season 6 Episode 1... GRACIOUS ME. WATCH IT) to remember to blog it.

So, here are some delightful Etsy finds for your Tuesday :D


EnviroGirl said...

EnviroGirl approves most definitely of said pasta!

radbiscuits said...

My need for those espresso cups was intense and immediate upon seeing them. Then I clicked on the link and it was all ~for decor only~ and I was all FUQ DAT.